Era Laundry Detergent Review

Another laundry cleaning product produced by the huge manufacturer, Proctor and Gamble, is Era laundry detergent. To most of us, this brand is probably most well-remembered for its grass-stain commercials where they pour the letters of “Era” all over it, and the stain vanishes. Currently, they’re being endorsed by Chuck Norris and have been ‘Chuck Norris-approved’ as their hot red labels tout.

Era Detergent Products

Era laundry detergent comes in free form, which is devoid of any fragrances or dyes. It also comes in other variants like HE-formulated, concentrated, and fortified with oxi-booster. The latter one contains colour-safe bleach.

They also have a powdered version of the Era soap and a variant that goes by the name of ‘Crystal Springs’ detergent, which is basically just a spring-scented product. Their scent-free detergent seemed to be particularly effective for washing clothes that belong to allergic household members without any side effects. So, if you need a hypoallergenic detergent that comes for about half the price of medicated laundry detergents, Era might just be the best choice.

Technology at Work

 All Era products that contain bleach, like the Oxi Booster, are safe for use with colours. If you decide to use chlorine bleach in addition to it for tough stains on white clothes, make sure you’ve added it into the dispenser about five minutes post the cycle. In recent years, Era has re-designed its bottles to make condensed versions which basically take less space up on your shelves and are easier to handle.

Era is doing its part for the environment by having switched to recyclable bottles as many other detergent companies too have. Their bottles are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics. Each one also contains at least twenty-five per cent recycled materials post use by consumers. That would be the plastics utilised for milk containers that most community recycle programs will accept.

One of the old drawbacks that we used to find with Era laundry detergent, however, was how it could solely be used with top-loading machines. If you’re switching to HE, so is your detergent. However, about a decade after its prevalence in the industry, Era has recently introduced an HE version as well. Another issue is how it only comes in 50-oz and 150-oz packs, while other detergents will have a medium size of 100-oz as well.  One complaint that some users have had was how the blue colour of the detergent sometimes left small blue stains on clothing post-washing. However, this normally was minute and would come out with a quick rinse.

The Verdict

 Era is on sale at supermarkets and online or being given away as free samples through their Facebook page almost every other month. So, make sure to give it a try. Reduced costs compared to other detergents coupled with effective stain removing ability with the majority of dirty clothes certainly wins Era detergent a 9/10 on our scales.

We encourage you to share your personal reviews of Era detergent with us below. Many have touted for its performance as a fantastic stain remover and pre-treatment liquid alongside general laundry liquid. So, we’d love to know more about your experiences and opinions on using it in that way as well.

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